Who we are


Bridging the community and the church

Our focus is to bring Christ-centered change to the communities we serve. LOM actively partners with those whom God has called locally, and provides the resources, support, and guidance that would not ordinarily be available to them. Through these partnerships we help to alleviate poverty, share the Gospel, and disciple believers- building a rock solid foundation in the lives of the people we serve.



What we do...

We work with churches and individuals in order to bring lasting change to their communities. This simple idea takes many forms and we work through many facets to reach people and impact their lives for Christ.



We interact one-on-one with children and families and strive to provide for their needs: both spiritual and physical. One of our greatest joys is assisting the local church in their ministry and outreach programs to provide healthy avenues for children and youth to grow. We provide the opportunity for, and encourage participation in a wide variety of Christ-centered activities like: feeding programs, arts and crafts, Bible studies, sports activities, music school, and home building.


We believe in building strong, stable, and consistent relationships, and using those relationships to share the Gospel, disciple believers, and encourage the local church. We demonstrate servant leadership while working with community members in order to achieve a radical change in the community. Our hope is that, ultimately, the local ministry will become self-sustaining and continue to have a lasting impact for the Glory of God!