Buffalo Joe music and arts


Buffalo Joe Music and arts

The Buffalo Joe Music school is a safe place for students to come learn about the joy of music. We offer classes in piano, guitar, and voice to students in Corinto, Nicaragua. In a time where hope in Nicaragua seems to be lost, Buffalo Joe is helping to bring hope and peace into the hearts of many. Help sponsor the school by becoming a monthly donor, or by giving a one-time donation below:

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The Buffalo Joe Story

In October 2016, Kevin and Cherie Clarkson, of First Baptist Moore gathered friends and family to help create the Buffalo Joe Music and Arts program to celebrate and honor the legacy of Joey Clarkson, and to help kids in Nicaragua to learn and experience the joys of music and arts.

In April 2016, Joey went home to be with the Lord after a hard fight with cancer, but his persistence and fighting spirit earned him the nickname “Buffalo Joe,” for like the buffalo he wished to head straight into the storm and face his struggles head on. His heart was for music and for teaching others about his passion. Through the faithful support of donors, we opened The Buffalo Joe Music and Arts Program in Corinto, Nicaragua.

We started with guitar and piano classes, and invited students from around the town to come and participate in learning to read music and to play the instrument of their choice. We renovated and created beautiful classrooms stocked with guitars and keyboards, which allowed students who had never touched an instrument to learn to play.  This year under the direction of School Director, Frank Jiron, the Buffalo Joe Academy of Arts was formalized and expanded. Frank’s leadership knowledge has helped to grow the school into a place where students across the town want to come to learn.

Throughout the crisis over the past 6 months, schools have closed, the economy has slowed to a standstill, and people are struggling to meet even the most basic needs, but Buffalo Joe has been a light in the community. It continues to teach students how to express themselves through melody and song and has even added a drama course. Throughout their coursework many of the students, who formerly did not attend or even interact with church, are presented with the truth of the Gospel.