Gideon 300

We are mission minded men, preparing the way for kingdom advancement.

Who we are:
We will continue impacting the lives of people in need of the gospel for generations. We pave the way for Kingdom advancement by bringing men together to provide the resources needed for pastors and mission teams to fulfill God’s calling in their lives. The primary mission of Gideon 300 is to be the fronltine for the advancement of the Kingdom, equipping and encouraging pastors and mission teams with the resources needed to share the gospel with power.

What we do:
We are the men who invest our time, talent and finances, by providing the foundational needs for pastors, their churches and for mission teams going to the field.

We do this by:
-Giving time to help build a yearly strategy to accomplish our goals.
-Giving our talents by pouring into pastors and mission teams through organization, action, mentoring, application and prayer.
-Giving our finanaces to insure pastors and churches will have the resources they need to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and do ministry outreach.


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